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CULTIVATING SUCCESS is my superpower

I've been turning ideas into reality for over 25 years.


For 15 of those years, I was the founder and CEO of a niche beverage company. 

My tenure there ended with me negotiating its sale to a venture capital firm,

allowing me to move on to my next adventure. 


I now leverage my experience to help others succeed.  

I've triumphed over the same challenges you're facing;

navigating an erratic business climate, struggling to achieve your goals,

getting clear on what goals are truly your own.


I understand the frustration that leaves you exhausted. 

I've known the fear that keeps you up at night. 

I, too, used to suffer the analysis-paralysis that keeps you from moving forward. 

I've learned how to overcome the head trash, get clear, and SUCCEED.


I'm here to help YOU triumph over your challenges & crush your goals


We. Can. Do. This. Together!


Through time and experience, I have honed my ability to cut through the noise,

chart a clear course, and make things happen. 

I'm here to help you do the same!

I take your journey seriously.  We'll dedicate ourselves to doing the work over your choice of 3 or 6 months.  This is the time it takes for us to dig deep, create your plan, and put it into practice to cultivate lasting success.  

Get Right Down To Business

We'll hit the ground running from the start with our first session: You'll talk. I'll listen and ask questions. We'll dig deep and turn up your diamonds in the rough. 

With each session you'll get clearer, hone your skills, bolster your confidence, and check successes off along the way.  You'll learn how to turn your ideas into reality.

Afterward, you may choose to stay on board to work together on subsequent goals, or you may decide to disembark with all the skills and confidence you've gained. 

This is your plane to fly!  It's my job to serve as your Navigator; steering you through the storms that small business ownership brews up, helping you make a successful landing.

It's Time to GET ON BOARD!


Working with Tia, I've launched a lucrative consulting business that is the highest expression of both my talents and passion. Through her guidance, I've gotten crystal clear on my goals and kicked self-doubt to the curb.  Tia has been the partner I needed to successfully transition from corporate employee to entrepreneurial powerhouse!  Now, I'm laser-focused on what's important and making my dreams a reality! 

  • Kim Crowder, CEO of Kim Crowder Consulting

I recently finished a 3 month program with Tia - it was the first time I’ve ever worked with a business coach. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive because I wasn’t convinced that I was worth the investment. Tia jumped in with both feet. She wholeheartedly invested in my path: listended to my thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams, then pulled it all together and presented it back to me in a way that felt exciting and encouraging.


She helped me get organized; defining goals and strategies for achieving those goals. She helped me create systems so that my business went from feeling overwhelming to feeling in control and organized. It helped me sleep at night. She connected me with amazingly talented people who could help me along the way and was generous in spirit, ideas, suggestions, and laughter. After each session, she would set up tasks that I could finish at my own pace, and kept me accountable. By the end, I felt more confident in myself and my skills and we had created systems that I am still using now as I start to define my goals for the next year.


I highly recommend Tia to you if you’re in a business that you’re excited about and want to see grow, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck or need a sounding board, if you feel like you're flailing and need to find some direction. I already had a friend in Tia, but now feel like I have a cheerleader and someone who is willing to stand in my corner and create a vision with me.

  • Martine Locke, Realtor with Gallery of Homes Real Estate

I can’t thank Tia enough for her coaching and guidance. She is beyond instrumental in my business success. I’m awesome at what I do professionally, but I’m absolutely terrible at planning out the best course of action to reach my end goals. Tia is able to cut through the fog and chart out a foolproof plan for manifesting my success. Sign on with her, you will not be disappointed!

  • Brett Canaday, Health & Wellness Influencer @JuiceFeaster

Working with Tia was pure delight!  Being both very upbeat and pragmatic, she helped me keep on task while making space for me to listen to what my heart was truly seeking.  Through her guidance, I was able to see through my old stories and consider aspects of my goals I had not before; diving deep into the more profound undertakings of my life, not just the trivial ones.  Tia took my newly clear goals and broke them down into small steps to get me there, so as a task-oriented person I never felt overwhelmed.  I have truly seen the benefit in the last few years of having a coach for my fitness, nutrition, and now my life as a whole.  Since working with Tia, I’ve been able to make choices based on what is truly important to me.


  • Karen Hewett

Meeting Tia was such a positive turning point in my life.  At a time when I had nothing, climbing my way out of a terrible situation, I met Tia.  Although I knew I had the capacity to succeed, I felt lost.  She was immediately determined to help me, a stranger she had just met.  The light she brought to my world was wonderful and welcome; and as I took each step forward, Tia helped restore my faith in the goodness in people.  She shared her thought process and organizational strategy with me and helped me find clarity and direction.  Slowly but surely, all of my goals seemed possible and within reach.  I’m well on my way and taking what I’ve learned from Tia to help myself and others succeed!

  • Brandon H.

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